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Dark Reader is a set of fast and efficient algorithms. We work hard on improvements. Please pay for using the extension and support our work. Install our mobile apps. Automatically apply discounts with PayPal Honey extension. Ready? Let's go.

Toolbar Icon

Options icon

If the Dark Reader icon is hidden after installation, click the Extensions button next to the address bar and then another button next to Dark Reader.

Top Section

Top section

Filter Settings

Filter settings

Adjust the mode, brightness, contrast, sepia, and saturation ("grayscale") settings. This can be used to better suit your screen parameters and the lighting in the room.

Custom Site Settings

Custom settings

The Only for button determines whether the above filter settings should only be applied to the current website.

To use, first click the button (which will become highlighted), then adjust the settings as desired for the current website. Click the button again to cancel.

Site List

Site list

More Tab

More tab

Theme Generation Modes

Filter+ vs. Static vs. Dynamic mode
Filter+ vs. Static vs. Dynamic mode

Bottom Section

Bottom section

Using the Developer Tools

If you are familiar with CSS selectors, you can help by suggesting a fix for filtering a website. Read how to use the developer tools here.

Tips for Advanced Users

Do you want to learn more? Please visit our Tips & Tricks website section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to support Dark Reader

  1. Pay for using Dark Reader.
  2. Install our iOS/macOS app.
  3. Install our sponsors' apps and extensions.
  4. Suggest to friends and colleagues.

The extension asks for permissions to read website data

The extension needs these permissions to be able to analyze and modify website's appearance and apply site-specific settings. We do not insert ads and do not collect any data or send it anywhere.

The extensions store page and settings pages remain white

The extension has no access to these pages.

New tab page and browser theme remain white

Select a dark theme in your browser settings.

Screen flashes white when opening a new tab or navigating to a website

Before loading a website, the browser shows a theme background color by default. Select a dark theme in your browser settings.

The extension doesn't work at all

Update your browser. Click Dark Reader icon, check if the top-right button is set to On and that Toggle site is not excluding the current site. Open Site list tab, check that Not invert listed is selected. If nothing helps, something terrible has happened, e-mail us.

The website is displayed incorrectly or works slowly

Please send the address of the website, a screenshot, your OS and browser versions to our e-mail. We will try to investigate the reason, at least for a popular website. Try using Filter mode or Light mode for a specific website. Check that the website is not listed under Site list tab.

The extension doesn't work in Incognito mode

Open chrome://extensions page, find Dark Reader, click Allow in incognito.

The extension doesn't work for local files

Open chrome://extensions page, find Dark Reader, click Allow access to file URLs.


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