Privacy Policy

Personal data

Dark Reader had never collected and will never collect any personal data, browsing history etc.

In future Dark Reader may collect browser version, platform name, display settings and user's filter settings (except website list or any other data which can help identify user). This information is needed for decision on implementing new features, removing unused features or suggesting default settings for new users. It will happen only with your permission.

Third party services

Dark Reader uses Chrome (Chromium) or WebExtensions Storage Sync API for storing user's settings and browser's Web Storage API (localStorage) for storing user's Developer Tools fixes.

Dark Reader for Safari uses User's defaults database for storing user's settings, purchases are handled by iTunes.

Donations are processed by Open Collective and payment processors chosen by that organization (Stripe and PayPal).

The website

For statistical purposes website counts the page visits and link clicks. A language and a time zone of a visitor are sent to the web server anonymously.

Updated: February 9, 2022 (see update history)