July 30, 2020

v4.9.16: Theme presets, export generated CSS and more

Users, who activated Dark Reader v5 Preview, can try some new features. It's easy to activate if you haven't already:

Theme presets

Along with modifying a global theme, or a theme for a specific website, you can now create up to 3 additional themes and use them for a group of websites.

Automation page

Export generated CSS

One of the popular requests was adding the ability to export CSS. Go to ⚙Settings -> Manage settings -> Export dynamic theme. You can now use the generated CSS for your website or for other purposes.

Many options are now easier to find

Did you know that Dark Reader has automation settings, an ability to activate it based on time, sunrize/sunset or system preferences? Go to ⚙Settings -> Automation.

Automation page

Other missing features, that are now available in the new UI:

We keep up the work

We are working on improving Static mode for popular heavy websites. This should increase performance for slow devices and phones (available in Firefox for Android). We are working on other important bugs fixes and features too.

Support us

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