June 26, 2020

v4.9: Huge performance improvements, try version 5 preview

In Dark Reader 4.9.9 we've done enormous amount of performance improvements. The loading speed of some huge web pages has increased 5x times. Firefox users should now get nearly the same experience as Chrome users have.

That means the loading speed when Dark Reader is activated should be about the same as without it. For those users who have slow computers we will keep improving Static mode. Filter mode can be used as a workaround too.

Version 5 preview

Dark Reader custom colors feature

We keep working on Dark Reader version 5 release. To make the transition smooth all engine improvements and new features are available in the current app instance.

To activate the new user interface do the following:

Some of the most requested features are already available in version 4.9.11:

Feel free to suggest a feature you cannot live without.

Support us

Dark Reader is free, but we need your support. There are several ways to do it.

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