December 6, 2018

Dark Reader 4.7: Time settings, UI and performance improvements

More than a month has passed since the latest Halloween update. Let's see what this new release comes with.

Time settings

It is now possible to set Dark Reader's active hours:

Clear website toggle button state

Sometimes it used to be hard to determine, if the website was affected by Dark Reader or not. Now the current website state is clearly visible with the help of a check mark. Sorry, if "Ignore listed only" was not working for you for some time today.

Performance improvements

Dynamic mode now works faster on sites like new GMail, still slow in Firefox, but there is much space for improvements.

What's next

This month will be devoted to bug fixes. Many issues were submitted on GitHub and by e-mail. The most popular one is the issue with Google Sheets colors, please use Filter mode for Google Sheets to ensure that cells colors are properly saved after editing.