October 10, 2018

Dark Reader for Safari released

In honor of macOS Mojave dark mode release, Dark Reader app was adopted to work in Safari browser.

Today the extension was published in the App Store. Some part of the extension had to be rewritten in Swift, so only major features were included into the initial release. The app is paid, $5. Dark Reader was also featured on Product Hunt today.

Dark Reader for Safari introduces some design changes and performance improvements, that were included into latest release for Chrome and Firefox. General app design will also become closer to Safari version in future. Still Safari browser and extension's platform have their own bugs and features that require attention.

As stated in Firefox blog post. The most reported problem with Firefox is the initial page loading performance. Some improvements were made in the latest release, the problem will get more attention soon. Whenever you have a problem with performance, try using Filter or Static mode for a specific website.

Chrome 71 will support system dark mode

According to these macOS and Windows Chromium issues soon browser frames, menus and address bars will become dark, relaxing our eyes.

Update: Seems like the work is still in progress, maybe Chrome 72 will get dark mode support?

Update: Chrome now has dark mode support.