February 27, 2022

No war! One of our contributors is in the middle of the war in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, unbelievable and shocking news came out: Ukraine was invaded by the Russian forces. One of our contributors, Anton Bershanskiy, who has done much for Dark Reader, appeared in the middle of the conflict in Kyiv and had courage to stay there. The capital of Ukraine, located at the very north of the country, is under constant attacks. Same for the other parts of the country, which is surrounded from 4 sides.

Home ruins in Kyiv

I was born and lived most of my life in Gomel, Belarus, very close to Kyiv, and left the country after mass repressions towards supporters of fair presidential elections in 2020. I feel shame and desolation seeing how Russian forces arrive at Gomel airport and head straight to Chernihiv and to Kyiv through radioactive areas of Chernobyl. They see no resistance from the official Belarusian forces, who were meant to protect their own country, rather than oppressing their own people and helping in the destruction of other countries. I don't know anyone in Belarus who would support all this (except the self-proclaimed "leader" who will do everything to stay in power). To all our brothers and sisters in Ukraine I say Вибачте!

Why this happens

First of all you should understand the war is not the answer to anything. It brings killings of innocent people, destruction of the economy and infrastructure, devastation of social institutions like healthcare and education, hunger and poverty for the next 10, 20, 30 years. In the XXI century we should understand that the wealth of each country is determined by its happy people, rather than conquered territories.

Why do some people start hating other similar people so much that they are ready to take weapons and kill them? To my belief this is due to a control of the sources of mass media. It can be described by the words of Goebbels, the head of Nazi propaganda:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

This is not only relevant to the Russian official mass media, but the others too. We are all humans, and for us it's easier to have simple answers rather than constantly living in doubt. When you see something on TV or the internet which causes your strong emotions and hate, ask yourself: Why do you show it to me? Are these facts real? Does the narration correspond to what is being shown? Can anyone prove that the event described did actually happen? Does the narrator have conscience or is he paid well for telling me lies profitable to his sponsor? Am I different from those people whom I hate?

It can take time to settle a doubt into someone's strong beliefs, but I would like to address my next message to people in Russia, who for some reason support the last events in Ukraine, until they have internet:

Обращение к гражданам Российской Федерации

Дорогие Друзья,

С болью в сердце наблюдаю за событиями в Украине. Ссоры случаются как в семье, так и в стране. Мир не прост и не справедлив. Но стоит ли сейчас браться за оружие? Изменилась ли жизнь в регионах, недавно охваченных войной, в лучшую сторону? Разрушенные Афганистан, Ирак и Донбасс уже вряд ли скоро увидят счастливую жизнь. Стоит ли бить жену, ушедшую к другому? Или лучше бросить пить и начать работать над собой?

Действительно ли кто-нибудь собирается нападать на ядерную державу? Являются ли нацистами и фашистами граждане, избравшие абсолютным большинством на честных выборах русскоговорящего еврея? Говорят ли вам правду по телевизору, всю целиком, или лишь то, за что хорошо платят? Гибнут ли ваши дети за правое дело?

Народу России нужно направить энергию в созидательное русло. Экономика РФ составляет 1,7% от мировой, в отличие от 12% в СССР в 1980-е, и по объёму уже уступает маленькой Южной Корее. Россия зависима от экспорта народных достояний, а запасов нефти хватит лишь на ближайшие 20-30 лет. Вашему лидеру в 2022 году исполняется 70, он нездоров. 3 дня назад он пригрозил миру ядерной катастрофой. Разделяют ли его мнение ваши дети и внуки, которым здесь предстоит жить? Всё ли хорошо в регионах России, всем ли хватает еды и предметов первой необходимости? В то время как по всему миру растут дворцы и строятся яхты российских чиновников, близких друзей президента и телевизионщиков.

Если вы хотите доказать всему миру правоту, то докажите это благосостоянием своей страны. Растите сами и помогайте другим, а не тяните всех за собой на дно.

Не позволяйте чиновникам унижать и оболванивать себя, отвлекитесь от телеэкранов. Если вы не согласны с действиями правительства, не молчите. Сейчас вам страшно выразить своё мнение публично, но дальше будет ещё хуже и последствия будут страшнее.

Мир Вашему Дому!

Respecting others

These days the growing negative attitude towards Russian citizens, living or travelling abroad, has become noticeable. Please note that those people most likely don't support the actions of the officials, have no relation to them and have no influence on the situation. Denying entry to them, like some governments do, will not help people escape from the repressions and being used by Russian officials. Sanctions against innocent people look like the imitation of the solution for this problem. Please stay kind and supportive.

How can I help?

Talk to your friends and beloved about the influence of news channels. If you don't agree with destructive decisions of your government, don't stay silent. If you wish to support Ukraine's independence, follow the official guidance. Avoid scam. There are many conflicts around the globe today. Please support the others with donations and by sharing your knowledge.

I wish the war will never come to your home! Let's make everything for that!