January 30, 2023

2022/2023 Newsletter: Great Year Beginning

Dear Users!

We wish you all the best in 2023. Let your dreams come true. Stay safe and be happy!

Happy 2023

Unhappy 2022

Almost a year has passed, but this horror continues. Dark Reader donated £2,000 for families in need in Ukraine, and we are calling you to help those millions people, who had to leave their homes and are in need of water, food, shelter and basic life necessities.

Ukrainian families in need

You can do this by going directly to the National Bank of Ukraine website or searching online for a local department of Unicef or another trustworthy organization. Believe me, you will feel happier from making a good deed, rather than spending $999 on yet another yPhone 16 XL with a 25% brighter display and improved fart sensor.

7,000,000 users

Right after the New Year Eve, our Google Chrome users count surpassed 5,000,000. That's in addition to 1,200,000 Microsoft Edge users. Mozilla Firefox users count is close, around 950,000 people. If you have Android phone, you can install Dark Reader for Firefox Mobile too and help us reach 1,000,000.

Feedback processed

We have processed 8,000 feedback responses for our survey. We will discuss and prioritize the feature requests and announce our plan in the next blog post. Surprisingly, many of the requested features are already implemented. Please see the instructions on activating them in Beta mode.

Improving the financial situation

Welcome to Dark Reader UK headquarters
Welcome to Dark Reader UK headquarters

Despite the enormous amount of users, our team operates on income much less than a salary of an average engineer in a company like Google. As a result Dark Reader Ltd now has the vast majority of its profit as a software consultancy, meaning working for other companies instead of the app that you like so much.

Thanks to all those people who supported us! But for some reason 99.95% of users didn't. We never consider any shady schemes, be assured the extension will never collect any data. We want it to stay free and accessible for everyone. It would be great to get rid of the App Store paywall and use the same app for all the platforms.

One of the ideas is introducing the optional subscriptions for corporations. Big companies require lots of paper work to be done before letting its employees using any software. Also, feeling completely tired from hurdles in 2020-2022, I'm considering passing the project to a trustworthy organization.

Please take part in the anonymous survey on this financial topic. Just 10 small questions.

Good luck and have a Great Year!