Update 2021: Dark Reader for iOS is available in App Store.

This version of Dark Reader works in all Apple devices that support iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. Install Dark Reader for iOS and iPadOS.

By purchasing this app you get dark mode for safari browser in all platforms (macOS, iOS, iPadOS). If you purchased the Mac app before, you don't have to pay again. Due to an App Store bug you will see a price for the iOS app. Simply proceed with the payment and you will see a message saying that you have already paid. Enjoy!

Install Dark Reader for Safari from the App Store.

Dark Reader for Safari partially uses code from the original Dark Reader, some part of the extension is rewritten in Swift. Most of the features will be ported soon.

How to use it

Customize theme for specific website

Known issues

Some issues happen due to problems of Safari browser and cannot be fixed at the moment.


For any questions and bug reports please e-mail to support@darkreader.org