May 30, 2022

Dark Reader for iOS and Android is available

Many of you haven't heard that we have the app available for iOS and Android. These mobile versions have many features that will appear in the upcoming Dark Reader 5.

iOS and iPadOS

The recent iOS 15 release introduced the support for browser extensions.

Dark Reader for iOS has a brand new design that will appear in other versions of Dark Reader soon. You can choose from many color presets, or set lovely text and background colors of your choice.

Among other interesting features is the ability to automatically disable the extension for already dark websites. You are also able to dim images and videos.

Dark Reader for Safari is a single universal app working for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. By installing it, you will support the development of Dark Reader greatly. Check it out in the App Store.


Mobile Chrome doesn't support extensions at the moment. But there are some other great browsers that do.


Mozilla has one of the best Android browsers. The company has earned much trust for its openness and privacy practices.

By the way, Mozilla's team, along with PayPal (Honey) and Fibery (a collaboration tool), have helped Dark Reader to move its headquarters to the UK. So please, download the Firefox browser, help them compete with huge corporations, save money with Honey, and organize your team's or company's work through Fibery: a wonderful online workspace. Thanks them a lot!


Kiwi is another Android browser, which supports Chromium extensions. It has many good reviews.

Chrome for Android

It is unclear if extensions will ever become available on Google's mobile browser. Let's wait for the announcement and hope for the best.

Support us

Don't forget to support the ongoing Dark Reader's development. Install our extension for iPhones and iPads. Check out our sponsors' extensions Honey and Toucan. Tell your friends or colleagues about Dark Reader. You can also support us financially.

Happy mobile browsing!