September 12, 2019

Dark Reader 4.8: Activate after sunset or use system preferences

After a summer lull Dark Reader 4.8 comes up with some new automation options. Click on the three little dots near the On/Off switch to see them.

Dark Reader automation

Activate after sunset

Thanks to Kovács Márk, it is now possible to activate Dark Reader based on your current location. If you specify your latitude and longitude, the extension will be activated after the sunset and deactivated after the sunrise. You can find out your coordinates by using a service like Google Maps.

Activate when system dark mode is on

Thanks to Max Sysoev who added an ability to activate Dark Reader based on your system preferences. If you are using Windows or macOS dark mode and toggle it frequently, choose this option and Dark Reader will change websites look accordingly.


The app was translated into multiple languages:

The help page was also translated:

You can submit your own translation or fix, see how to do it here.


Since Dark Reader now has more than 1,500,000 active users, there is a huge amount of feedback. Sorry that not every e-mail gets a response. Please, use English, specify the topic clearly, have a look at help page. If the problem happens with unpopular website, try using Filter or Static mode for it.

What's next

Dark Reader 5 is on its way. The user interface is going to be simplified and some of the most requested features are going to be added. The Safari version will soon receive an update. Stay tuned.